What if the office was actually a nice place to be? A place where you could feel free to be yourself?

Companies today are increasingly interested in making the office an attractive place where employees can feel at home, gain inspiration, and genuinely thrive. This is what NCC will be offering with its Axelsberg site, which will be located in the Konepaja area of Helsinki’s Vallila district. The new Axelsberg offices are currently in the planning stage. When finished, they will be on the pulse of the latest trends, while at the same time authentically reflecting the surrounding Helsinki.

A red-brick office and residential building developed by NCC will be coming to the Konepaja area of Helsinki. Adjacent to the building will be the new and recently-completed Pöllölaakso, a major operating center for the Finnish media company MTV. The location is urban and distinctive, standing out from a typical office complex. Why settle for anything less when you have an option as invigorating and inspiring as this?

“The plans for Axelsberg have gotten a positive reception from everyone they’ve been shown to. The Axelsberg offices will be impressive in their own right, but will also fit perfectly with their surroundings in the trendy Konepaja area”, exclaims Sinan Imaditdin, Sales Manager at NCC.

“I envision it as a place where modernity mixes with the gritty past – a meeting of red brick with glass, office space with residential, and trendy styles with business. Axelsberg will be a place that emphasizes the openness, the acceptance of variety, that characterizes this area. It’s an atmosphere that really speaks to you, conveying that this is a place where you can be yourself”, Sinan continues.

There are three things about Axelsberg that Sinan finds especially noteworthy:

1. Axelsberg will be an ultramodern site, where the spaces are adapted and tailored to each specific user’s needs, and it will be in harmony with the surrounding area. Hybrid work has been taken into account in the very planning of the site. The offices will be a place where a “Wow” effect can be achieved, a place that a company can adapt to reflect its brand. A central priority for the site’s design is a structure that supports the work culture of its occupants, along with basic considerations like good indoor air and good lighting.

2. The Konepaja area is a unique part of Helsinki, whose popularity grows ever more rapidly as the area develops. Konepaja (which means “machine shop” in Finnish) has a distinct industrial identity, reflecting a past that its red-brick buildings bear witness to, with a contagious atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation in every venture. Alongside this, the City of Helsinki is developing Teollisuuskatu street into a boulevard that will conveniently link the Kalasatama, Konepaja, and Pasila areas together.

3. When your building offers services that support your day-to-day commute and activities, it’s that much easier to get things done. Axelsberg will feature lobby services, a heated parking garage, charging stations for electric cars, bicycle storage racks, common areas for socializing, rentable conference rooms, a restaurant (in addition to all the existing restaurants nearby), and all the other services that the surrounding area now offers. It is conveniently reachable by tram or bus, and there is also a Helsinki Metro station and the Pasila train station nearby. Bicycle commuters will feel at home here as well!

“Axelsberg is being planned on the last open land plot in the area, and it will do credit to its role as the final ‘puzzle piece’ of Konepaja. Sustainability is a top priority for us in this effort. You won’t have to worry about that when you move in here – we know, and have taken into account for some time now, how important sustainable solutions are in many companies’ decision-making processes today.”

Sinan Imaditdin, NCC

Axelsberg, like all other office sites developed by NCC, is being designed to a level of “Excellent” or higher under the BREEAM environmental certification system. This requires many steps to be taken and many criteria to be met, such as energy efficiency, a low carbon footprint, and consideration of the working environment for the site’s future occupants. NCC’s competence is very much up to the task. Among other features, the building will have solar panels and an energy-saving heat recovery system. And, of course, it will have a Class A energy rating.

Learn more about Axelsberg, and rent your own office spaces, at axelsberg.fi/en


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